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Peptide-encoding plasmid construction


Peptide-encoding plasmid construction service (Cat No CT-200)

Insertion of a peptide-encoding DNA fragment of interest into a (customized) plasmid of choice. This service can be used in projects that aim for plasmid-expressed peptide protein–protein interaction inhibitors, see also our Development of protein–protein interaction inhibitor candidates page[1].


Estimates/quotes & orders

Currently, this service can be purchased through the Scientist.com platform only. For estimates/quotations, orders and other information see our Peptide-Encoding Plasmid Construction Service (Cat No CT-200) Service Description[2] and our Scientist.com profile[3]. For associated comprehensive (but convenient) legal paperwork, see the example/draft Statement of Work[4], the Scientist.com Customer Agreement[5] and the Scientist.com Supplier Agreement[6].


Price information

Due to our skills, expertise and highly efficient workflows we can deliver high-quality work at competitive prices[7].




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